Stamping with Princess – My Goal

I want to share with you why I created this site. No, I’m not a rep with Stampin’ Up. I don’t sell Close to My Heart or any other home party stuff. I clip coupons, shop at all the area craft stores and try to get the best deals possible. I created this site to share with you my creations, to provide some training and tutorials and fill you in on the tricks I use to save money in this hobby. I hope the work you see here inspires you in your hobby as well.

Stamping with Princess – About Me

stamping princess and husbandMore tomboy than princess, people are often shocked that this mountain biker/dirt biker/skier LOVES to make homemade greeting cards using rubber stamps. I’ve been rubber stamping since 1989 when I went to my first home stamping party (D.O.T.S. – now Close To My Heart). I wasn’t sold on the spot and was even shocked when the hostess purchased over $100 of rubber stamps at the party.  But by my second home stamping party (Stampin’ Up this time) I was hooked! Hooked until I got married in 2003 when I took a four year break.

Early 2008 I entered a contest to be a designer at a local stamping and scrapbooking store and was rejected. No wonder! I hadn’t stamped in over four years and my stamping was outdated, old and stale. That’s when I realized there is this whole world out there with blogs, magazines and rubber stamping shows! Good grief. Where had I been? (Don’t answer that!). =)

Stamping with Princess – About You

I believe there is a princess in each of us. One who loves pretty things, pretty cards included. It’s a special treat for us to create a homemade card using a bit of paper, a few stamps, inks and bling. We enjoy the process of making something beautiful. But we also love sending smiles through the mail, letting our friends and family know that we are thinking of them, that we care and that they are loved.

So, from the princess in me, to the princess in you, happy stamping!