Vintage Wedding Card Options

Not all weddings have the sawing of the log or the cutting of the grooms socks (like my sisters wedding) or 4 wheeling and camping (like my wedding) but they are all special and unique to the couple in love.

Here is my take on “vintage” wedding cards that are either simple or use clean lines. Wedding colors are grey, antique rose and ivory.

all vintage inspired cards

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

newspaper scalloped edge

This card has a scalloped newspaper edge which reminds me of the fabric that vintage dresses have peeking out the bottom. Each scallop has a pearl in it.

labels 8

One of the most complex designs from the assembly perspective, this uses a die cut to cut out the labels 8 shape…making a window. The window is framed with black. The cream card would be either attached with dimensional tape or adhered to the invitation on the inside.

distressed edge

This is one of the more simple designs. It’s claim to fame is that every edge has been roughed up (distressed).

simple rounded corners

It’s the extra touches that make this simple card shine. The rounded corners and balance of the white space make the couple the focal point without distracting.

3 couples simple

Crazy in love, this card is casual and simple.

3 couples newspaper

A little busier than the previous card, this has the extra “vintage” touch with newsprint.

So…you’ve seen them all. Which is your top pick? And second choice? I have my favorite. Can you tell which one it is???

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